Mobile Content Marketing Weekly Round-Up: Samsung & Apple Neck-and-Neck, Does Context Trump Content in Mobile, and More

11 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 Web Usage Running Neck-and-Neck in North America

Has Apple finally met its match in Samsung? Does this tie in data usage from the latest Samsung device signal that Apple is losing its edge in user experience?

Read All About Samsung & Apple’s Battle

Does Context Always Trump Content In Mobile?

Not so fast says Mobile Marketer. Context and content should be used together to achieve the best results in targeting consumers on mobile devices.

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Sprint Teams With Telefónica For Multinational Mobile Ad Network

Sprint and Telefónica, an international wireless carrier in Europe and South America, join forces to build a multi-national ad network designed to target customers based on personal preferences and will place them into categories such as urban jet setter or sports fanatic.

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Drawbridge Nets $14 Million Series B for Cross-Device Ad Tracking

Ad Technology to Follow Users from PCs to Mobile Phones and Tablets

Working to solve a tough problem for mobile marketers, Drawbridge is building technology that is designed to track users as they move from their desktops to mobile devices.

Learn More About Drawbridge’s New Technology

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