Marcia and the team at Open Marketing delivered more than a website. They delivered a platform that enables us to dialogue with prospects, so that we can turn prospects into leads and leads into sales. We are a metric driven company and we can see the difference the new website made across the entire marketing funnel. One thing we had not expected is the way the new website quite literally changed the way we interact with prospects. Prospects now come to us to “get a demo”. Before many prospects did not know what to ask for in their first interactions with us. This alone has accelerated sales. – Clay Whitehead, former CEO & Founder, PresenceLearning

As an active angel investor, it is a pleasure to introduce Marcia Kadanoff of Open Marketing to my portfolio companies. When I make an introduction, I know that she’ll swoop in, get the job done and more, and I’ll get back rave reviews from the CEO. Not just for the service she provides but also for the value she adds that helps move the company ahead in their marketplace. On a personal level, I find myself turning to Marcia in to assist with due diligence on anything having to do with mobile marketing or interactive marketing. Over the years, she’s been generous in introducing me to many people who have helped me build my network and that of my portfolio companies. – Larry Braitman, Angel Investor

Marcia came in and took charge of our marketing initiatives as our interim CMO in a highly strategic and energetic manner. In just a few weeks, she built a new site on almost zero dollars, launched a brand new product line for us, stepping up and stepping in for me on public speaking opportunities and with the press, and finding white space where we could position ourselves more uniquely. My only regret? Not hiring Marcia earlier in the lifecycle of the company. – Ori Soen, CEO, Kampyle - since purchased by Medallia

We spent over two years getting ready to launch our SaaS product. Along the way, we met with various consultants and got a lot of “free advice”. The difference with Marcia is that she didn’t just give us advice – she made things happen – including a complex rebranding program that she accomplished in less than 6 weeks. Thanks to Open Marketing, we were able to increase our visibility in the market place by 2x. We are at a point where we are considering spending more on marketing because we can see the tangible results. Val Swisher, CEO & Founder, Content Rules

My secret weapon for new business? Marcia Kadanoff of Open Marketing of course. If you need someone to ride point on a complex RFP, there is no one better. Marcia captured our brand voice, understood how we positioned and presented ourselves, and helped us communicate that succinctly as we answered the RFP. As a former agency principal, Marcia has “been there” and “done that” on new business multiple times. Her coaching was and is invaluable. She’s been my go-to person on strategic business issues for the last 15 years. – Alexandra Watkins, Chief Innovation Officer, Eat My Words

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