Yahoo's recent reorg. Will it help or hurt them in mobile?

18 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

Yahoo late yesterday confirmed a much-rumored corporate restructuring that will effectively split the Internet giant into three operating groups, among them the Audience Group, which according to a press release will focus in part on “open[ing] more opportunities for users to take advantage of Yahoo tools and services off network and through mobile and digital devices.” Wireless services appear to play a dominant role in Yahoo’s future: The press release says the company plans to build on a series of “positive momentum” benchmarks including its existing mobile advertising partnership with European carrier Vodafone as well as the beta release of its mobile Web graphical advertising platform.

Perhaps a new PR strategy should also factor into Yahoo’s future–its new mobile social networking service “Mixd” was released last week to absolutely no fanfare, almost as if the company shunned conventional press release distribution in favor of carrier pigeons and messages in bottles. Targeted at users ages 18 to 25, the Mixd service enables users to coordinate social outings with friends via text and photo messages, with a log of the evening’s activities posted at a corresponding web page. Yahoo is currently marketing Mixd on a small number of U.S. university campuses.

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