The Future of the Internet is Mobile

17 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

So says Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, who predicts that much of the future growth of the Internet will be tied to mobile devices such as the BlackBerry, particularly in the developing world. Cerf notes that on a recent trip to India, “I was in the middle of this big lake and thinking I couldn’t possibly get any service. I turned on my BlackBerry and got 300 e-mails.” The ease of wireless connections reinforced the notion that the Net’s reach can far exceed the expensive telephone lines and cables that are typical channels in developed countries, and could be especially important in places like Africa where only about 35 million of that continent’s estimated 1 billion inhabitants have Internet access. On the home front, Internet-linked devices will change our daily habits. For example, foods stored in a Net-connected refrigerator could be packaged with RFID tags that identified them by type and date purchased. The fridge could keep a running inventory, suggest recipes incorporating available food items, and even alert you to shortages while you’re shopping. “You’ll get a message from your refrigerator saying, ‘Don’t forget the marinara sauce,'” he says.

Source 17 Apr 2007

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