Consumers don't see 3G benefits

18 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

Analyst group TNS Global Technologies says consumers worldwide aren’t grasping the benefits of 3G networks and devices. In the U.S., for instance, 16 percent of subscribers own a 3G phone, but only 10 percent of those users actually use the 3G functionality. Looking globally, 20 percent of the world’s mobile phone users own a 3G phone, but only 9 percent of that base use the enhanced service.

While U.S. consumers ask for features like camera phones, mobile Internet access e-mail and games when making their phone purchase decisions, TNS says they don’t understand that 3G phones offer more advanced versions of these capabilities.

As reported on Fierce Wireless Content October 24, 2006
Study cited summarized here with charts and graphs and available for purchase off the TNS website

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