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By Marcia Kadanoff

Currently located at (I know, I know) the company will shortly relocate to

The problem we solve is that women don’t like to ask for help. Numerous studies show that by not asking for help, women disadvantage themselves in their careers and in the outcomes of their startup endeavors. The problem is writ large by what I’ve dubbed “bromicide” behavior – brothers in technology acting badly. Relevant examples include: is the serious business network for women in corporate and startup organizations, including executives, entrepreneurs, and coders.

Unlike other business networks, provides a comfortable environment to ask for help and to both give and receive the kind of help that advances both careers and businesses.

Members use to get introduced to people who can help them advance their careers and businesses and to provide that help to others.

Charter members also receive the benefit of a free concierge service for assistance with lifestyle, work, and other issues of interest to our membership.

Our network is currently in beta with membership limited to women at the senior manager level (corporate) or above plus entrepreneurs and coders in startup environments, regardless of level.

Only about 19% of applicants are accepted into our network. This eliminates the noise and allows our members to focus on giving and receiving the help they need to advance their careers and businesses.

If you are interested in joining our EARLY BETA, go here: My Allies – Join

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