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12 years ago   •   2 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

We’ve been engaged to help them make redesign their blog. Wealthfront positions itself as the Financial Advisor to Silicon Valley. Wealthfront manages an online investment account that is fully diversified and rebalanced for you, at a fraction of the cost of those Wall Street guys. They do the work for you — so you can live your life.

Both the service and the blog are great.

The Company’s Value Proposition
Before Wealthfront, if you wanted to invest in the stock market, experts would advise you to go into no-load or low-load (these are fee structures) mutual funds or index funds (funds that go up and down as much as a the overall market.) The notion here is that investing in individual stocks never makes sense for the little guy (individual investors) unless you have inside information and trading on inside information is generally against the law. A lot of employees in Silicon Valley do invest in a single individual stock – of course – the stock of their own companies. Even so, it really makes sense to diversify out of that stock, so as to spread your risk around.

In my household, we use to invest by selecting our own mutual funds and putting together a customized portfolio the old fashioned way, by setting up a complicated spreadsheet and rebalancing it from time to time. This old fashioned method required that we subscribe to some ridiculously expensive newsletters that detailed mutual fund performance and investment strategies. The type on these newsletters made my head hurt and sitting down to rebalance the portfolio was not exactly quick or easy.

With Wealthfront we can skip the newsletters and lean on their online tools to put us in the right funds and for advise and counsel on how best to rebalance our portfolio. For us this makes dollars and sense.

On the Blog
The Blog is called “The Upfront Blog” and provides financial advise on investment, targeting people who work in technology companies, although it applies to anyone who has stock options at their company. What makes this blog really great is that many of the articles are written by a professional journalist, Elizabeth MacBride, who works at Wealthfront. Other entries are contributed by employees at the company which include the CEO Andy Ratcliff, writing from the perspective of a CEO and survivor of multiple economic cycles in Silicon Valley.

Where excited (thrilled actually) to be involved in the redesign of the Upfront Blog. Part of the project involves working with WPEngine, a new (to us) and highly secure hosting company, that focuses on WordPress. Awesome tools and support, especially if you build and manage multiple sites as we do.

Watch this space for updates as we bring Wealthfront’s new blog to life.

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