We've been busy - our latest work for Content Rules

12 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

Content Rules is a professional services firm that like us is in the content business. Unlike us, they focus on the technical content needs of the Global 1000. Recently, Val Swisher, CEO & Founder of the firm joined the board of Translators without Borders. To celebrate, we didn’t throw a party. Instead, we sent a videographer to Paris, France (!) to capture Lori Thicke, one of the founders of Translators without Borders, on the importance of Content Rules and the work they have done for this organization to date.

Here’s the accompanying press release which got picked up in some very exotic locations including – of all places – Albany, NY!

Content Rules Press Release

While we aren’t a PR agency and don’t pretend to be one, we do know that sending out a targeted press release like this one can help boost our client’s rankings in SEO by providing credible links back. This particular Press Release links back to the Content Rules home page but other programs we fielded on behalf of our clients link back to specific pages.

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