Good article summarizing best practices in SEO

19 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

While these best practices were crafted for multi-channel merchants (i.e. folks who sell online, through a catalog, and via a call center) they apply to most businesses who depend on paid search to drive leads.

1.  Track delay between click and conversion and consider dayparting
2.  Asess the lifetime value of search-acquired customers
3.  Grow your phrase list
4.  Target your ad copy.
5.  Track everything.
6.  Bid for profit, not position.
7.  Test additional phrases, new copy, and landing pages.
8.  Monitor performance of brand vs. nonbrand ads.
9.  Don’t let your affiliates advertise under your brand name.
10.  Supervise your bid robots, particularly during key selling seasons
11. Optimize feeds for each paid inclusion and shopping comparison site

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