Direct Marketing books

21 years ago   •   2 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

Ronald G. Drozdenko and Peter Drake – Optimal Database Marketing
Good guide to analytic techniques, especially now that the “the big red book” (referenced below) is out of print.

Lois K. Geller – Response: The complete guide to profitable direct marketing
Good overview for people who are just getting started in direct marketing.

Garth Hallberg – All Consumers are NOT created equal
From the head of the “differential marketing” practice at O& M, which is what these guys call direct marketing. Interesting perspective on the intersection between direct marketing and consumer packaged goods.

Ed Nash – The Direct Marketing Handbook
The big red book. If it’s not in here, it may not exist. If you can only buy one DM book, this is probably it. Nash has also edited a similar encyclopedia on best practices in database marketing called Database Marketing.

David Ogilvy’s – On Advertising: Confessions of an Advertising Man
David didn’t know it but he was really a DM guy.

Stewart Pearson – Building Brands Directly
Written by a Brit and “spot on” when it comes to how branding and DM can be used in a complementary fashion. Exclusive focus on B-t-B DM, which is rare.

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. – The One to One Future
The book that served as a wake up call to the entire marketing community to take DM seriously. There is a sequel “Enterprise” version that speaks to impact of the Internet on one-to-one marketing.

Frederick Reichheld -The Loyalty Effect
Written by a consultant from Bain known affectionately as “Mr. Retention.” Be afraid, be very afraid. Major management consulting firms are discovering DM in a big way. Read Chapters 1 – 3 and avoid the rest, it’s largely redundant.

Patricia Seybold –
A direct marketing book dressed up in new economy guise.

David Siegel – Creating Killer Websites
Won’t tell you much about DM goodness but will give you the basic design principles so you can feel savvy about this new, largely direct response medium.

David Shepard – The New Direct Marketing
The definitive guide for quant jocks. Practical how to guide by a recognized expert. David also offers a course that is well worth taking if you are are a nerd in waiting.

Joan Throckmorton – Winning Direct Response Advertising: From Print Through Interactive Media
The rules as they used to apply to direct marketing. Know them so you can break them.

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