An example of need-based segmentation

20 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

Based on Charles Schwab’s Personal Choice offering

To construct this table we worked backwards from the profiling questions used and value proposition presented in each product offering.

Product Customer Needs Distinguishing Attributes
Individual Investor Fee sensitive
Value choice of investment instruments
Require access to high-quality & unbiased research
Age 24-45
Assets of less than $1M
Single professional living in major metros
Advised Investor More time than fee sensitive
Resist any investment advise that appears to be biased
Want someone to manage their portfolio for them
Will reject any approach that feels cookie cutter
Ages 45+
Dual income professionals
Home Owners
Assets of $1M-$5M
Frequent Traders Risk seeking/independently minded
Invest for themselves and/or for others
Fee Sensitive
Needs access to cutting-edge tools
Requires speedy trades & lowest fees possible
Male age 24-35
Subscribes to technical & financial trade pubs
Trades 2x+ per month


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