A Roadmap for Success

19 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

Confronting reality is one thing. Fixing it another. Here at Firewhite, we can’t offer you a quick fix or single piece of software to make the pain go away like magic. What we can offer you is a practical and realistic roadmap you can follow to make marketing matter at your company, one that transforms marketing from a support function to a function responsible for driving revenue and profits. The roadmap is designed to be executed over a 24-36 month period. On our roadmap are three major points of arrival and 12 steps to allow you to break your journey along the way. And you, in the driver’s seat. Driving incremental growth in revenue and profitability.

Points of Arrival Step
ROI Marketing
Get the data, systems, and metrics in place to link spending on marketing to revenue and profits
1. Assess infrastructure readiness
2. Create actionable ROI metrics
3. Train, rollout, deploy
4. Showcase early wins
5. Turn ROI marketing into a process for continuous improvement
Campaign Effectiveness
Determine how to invest marketing dollars for maximum revenue and profit
6. Use MarketMix modeling to identify key drivers of revenue and profitability
7. Continue to optimize spending over time
8. Introduce scenario-based planning using a predictive dashboard
9. Codify learning and make it available in a best practice knowledge base
Demand Planning
Put hard numbers on what customers value and what they are willing to spend on your next new product or service offering
10. Insert the voice of the customer (VOC) into the NPD process
11. Continue to innovate with service offerings based on the Voice of the Customer (VOC)
12. Use multi-variate testing (MVT) to maximize profit opportunities

4. Source: Spencer Stuart: “CMO Tenure: Slowing the Revolving Door” July 2004

Fixing this problem will not be quick or easy. There is no single piece of software you can buy that will make the problem go away. What is required is a concerted effort to reshape the marketing function over a 24-36 month period.

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