5 different ways to optimize your next marketing campaign

19 years ago

By Marcia Kadanoff

(5) different ways to optimize your next marketing campaign

  • Customer Optimization:  selecting/segmenting those customers by their propensity to buy or take the desired action
  • Offer Optimization:  creating the most relevant offer tuned to the individual’s needs and preferences
  • Value Proposition:  using analysis and business intelligence to create the most compelling value proposition for individual customers
  • Contact Optimization:  timing of your communicating with individual customers … at just the right time, at the moment when they are most likely, and most ready, to buy
  • Channel Optimization:  encouraging customers to go interact with you in store, online, by mail or by phone … whatever channel is likely to maximize that customer’s engagement with your brand, drive revenue, and deliver the most profit to the business

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