What's been going on - lately

12 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

I’ve been remiss at blogging for myself. Yes, it’s true. The cobbler’s children have no shoes.

We have been buried under a pile of work. Which is a good thing, really. It’s gratifying to know that the service and agency we built is appreciated in the market place.

Over the last 8 weeks we’ve added the following clients to our roster:


Part of our Innovative Technology practice.

CaptureToCloud is an early stage start up that makes a product that enables visual communicators to capture webpages, photos, documents, and other types of content to the cloud, share the content very easily, so as to get more done. Our assignment with this client is to assist them with content marketing, inbound marketing, marketing strategy, and with brand development. We are thrilled to be working with our old friends at 43PR who just won the PR side of the account.


Part of our Professional Services practice.

LexWorks is headed up by Lori Thicke, who wears two hats. She is the Co-Founder of Lexcelera / Eurotexte, a leader in machine translation based in Paris, France, and also co-founded Translators without Borders that works with NGOs to translate medical and other documents so as to save lives in Africa. When Lori decided to expand Lexcelera to the North American market, she called on us. Our assignment includes: Branding, Naming, Web Design & Development, and Inbound Marketing assistance.


Part of our Innovative Technology practice.

Although in truth – what makes this company so special – is that they are trying to change education for the better, so they could just as easily fit into our Change Agent / Social Good practice.

PresenceLearning is a venture-backed company that is devoted to seeing kids with special needs get the speech therapy they require to succeed in school and in life. This company is helping school systems and parents deal with the nationwide shortage of qualified speech Language pathologists. The PresenceLearning system enables special needs kids to take speech therapy live, online, and over the web, linking them up with accredited and expert speech therapists. Our assignment includes: Content Marketing, SEO and Social-Media Visibility, Inbound Marketing, and Web Design / Development.

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