Trends we love: Phone tattoo parlors

17 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

Right now this is only available in the UK for one operator – 02 – but we can’t wait for this trend to make it to the US … of course we hope our tattoos will be chosen to adorn mobile handsets everywhere. Let us know if you crave one as much as we do. (Maybe we’re alone in this.)

“Phone tattoos take 20 minutes and are done by professional designers Razorlab. Choose one of their patterns to have etched onto your handset; show your phone who’s boss by engraving your name on it; or make the designers sweat a bit by giving ’em a blueprint to work from. And while your phone gets personalized, you can gorge yourself on complementary H20, get a back and neck massage from the O2 Angels or sit yourself down at a computer to catch up on GadgetCandy gossip.

And after scoring all that free stuff, we think it’s only fair that you give something back to the community by buying those heels you’ve had your eye on all week…”

As reported on GadgetCandy

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