Just finished a neat-o-cool little site

13 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

For a company coming out of stealth mode called Suddenly Social. True disclosure: this is my husband’s start up … but I don’t much like working with Rich (love living with him though – so it’s not all bad!) so he had to really sell me hard on doing this for him and his fledgling company.

I tilted up this site very fast using a WordPress framework called Genesis from StudioPress the folks behind CopyBlogger. It’s not the first time I used Genesis but it is the first time I used it for an external site as opposed to an extranet.

The client can keep the site updated using the WordPress Dashboard and only the Dashboard.

Genesis keeps WordPress really tightly locked down, which means building out the site took more time than it might otherwise. I still prefer Expression Engine for the amount of flexibility/control it gives me, but I find that unless there is a semi-technical person at the client, WordPress is a better CMS when they takeover the site and maintain it.

Some parts of the theme were a tad buggy – but it was easy enough to correct those bugs. For example, the buttons didn’t look right, so I ended up having to substitute my own CSS – easy enough to do. If I didn’t have experience doing this kind of thing, this might have stumped me.

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