Innovation by the masses

18 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

Frank Moss, newly appointed head of the MIT Media Lab, says the future of innovation will rest in the hands of the individual rather than the lab. “We will undergo another revolution when we give 100 million kids a smart cell phone or a low-cost laptop, and bootstrap the way they learn outside of school. We think of games as a way to kill time, but in the future I think it will be a major vehicle for learning. Creative expression is another area. No longer will just a few write or create music. We will see 100 million people creating the content and art shared among them. Easy-to-use programs allow kids to compose everything from ringtones to full-fledged operas. It will change the meaning of creative art in our society. We are already seeing early signs of it in blogs. The source of creative content is coming from the world. That revolution will go well outside of the written word to all forms of visual and performing arts.”

Business Week 13 Mar 2006

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