Be the first to Know, With RSS

20 years ago   •   1 min read

By Marcia Kadanoff

Want to know about the big stories—like the DVD X Copy decision—as soon as they happen? That’s where RSS can help. A few weeks ago, I mentioned RSS feeds as a good way to keep up to date with news headlines and other stories. A few readers wrote in asking about what RSS was, and how they could use it. Today, we’ve got so much RSS news that I’m revisiting the process. RSS, in short, defines a standard way for a desktop program (or a browser) to extract headlines and story summaries from sites and blogs all over the Web. For the long version of what RSS is, check out our FAQ.  We’ve been studiously working in the background, adding new feeds that encompass all of our content—including an overall tech news feed, ones for new products, wireless, security, and more. Here’s where you can find a list of all our feeds—in one easy place.  You need a newsreader of some sort for RSS—and that’s where NewsGator comes in. If you love Outlook, you’ll love NewsGator. Check out our review of the 2.0 version for details. Finally, RSS has been around long enough to create addicts. Our own Steve Gillmor subscribes to more than 400 RSS feeds—a true addict! Why? He confesses all in his latest column.  (Source:  What’s New Now from Ziff Davis 2.24.04)

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